Basic Strategy and why you could be winning more money

Welcome to Basic Strategy, one of many things BlackJack players can use to increase their odds against the house, and ultimately win more money. Used by countless professionals and amature gamblers alike, Basic Strategy is well worth learning for any BlackJack player wanting to play a better game.

BlackJack Basic Strategy is just that, basic. It’s a simple system used to determine the best possible move by comparing your cards to the cards of the dealer. The image below shows how basic strategy works, and memorising it is pretty straight forward.

BlackJack Basic Strategy

BlackJack Basic Strategy 101

While not generally considered a form of cheating like card counting, Basic Strategy if followed properly and always can help to turn the odds in your favor and hopefully increase your chances of winning, or at least decrease your chances of losing.

The following video BlackJack Basic Strategy 101 describes Basic Strategy in more details, including how and when to use it and what to watch out for. Anyone planning on playing BlackJack whether at a professional level or just having some fun at a casino should watch this video.

As you can see, the best policy is to stick to strategy and don’t play BlackJack on emotion. When trying to choose a place to play online BlackJack remember to look for the best gambling deals and biggest bonuses to get your moneys worth!

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