Basic Strategy and why you could be winning more money

Welcome to Basic Strategy, one of many things BlackJack players can use to increase their odds against the house, and ultimately win more money. Used by countless professionals and amature gamblers alike, Basic Strategy is well worth learning for any BlackJack player wanting to play a better game.

BlackJack Basic Strategy is just that, basic. It’s a simple system used to determine the best possible move by comparing your cards to the cards of the dealer. The image below shows how basic strategy works, and memorising it is pretty straight forward.

BlackJack Basic Strategy

BlackJack Basic Strategy 101

While not generally considered a form of cheating like card counting, Basic Strategy if followed properly and always can help to turn the odds in your favor and hopefully increase your chances of winning, or at least decrease your chances of losing.

The following video BlackJack Basic Strategy 101 describes Basic Strategy in more details, including how and when to use it and what to watch out for. Anyone planning on playing BlackJack whether at a professional level or just having some fun at a casino should watch this video.

As you can see, the best policy is to stick to strategy and don’t play BlackJack on emotion. When trying to choose a place to play online BlackJack remember to look for the best gambling deals and biggest bonuses to get your moneys worth!

Beating the odds and playing Poker like a pro

The WSOP, or World Series of Poker is finally back again for 2017. The best players in the WSOP tournaments stand to win millions, while the losers will almost definitely walk away empty-handed, after losing everything.increase your poker odds It’s a fascinating game, and the winners almost always use tactic and skill, rather than luck, to win.

Take for example Jason Mercier, currently the top player in the 2017 WSOP at 2,195.57 points who has utilized strategy and sometimes bluff to get very close to winning it all. Poker is a game of skill, not luck, which proves that with a little effort, the odds can be shifted in your favor.

Chad Brown describes the easiest ways to turn the odds around and start winning some real money in his new video entitled “Beating the Odds – A poker Strategy lesson”.


Using the techniques described in this video, you too can get on your way to playing in the WSOP and using your skills to win big!




Finding the best deals at Online Casinos | Casino Spades Guide

So you’ve found yourself searching the web for a good online casino sign-up bonus to get you started but there are just so many to choose from. Some may find themselves asking how do I find an online casino deal that will double or even tripple my initial deposit?

Luckily for you, Casino Spades has compiled a large list of the best online pokies casinos in Australia where you can select the deposit bonus that suits you best. From 200% deposit match to loads of free spins, there’s something from every gambler.

Below we list some of our best online pokies offers from Australian casinos that are hand selected from Casino Spades.

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas Online Pokies Casino Review

Royal Vegas offers a $1200 deposit match bonus which allows you to double your money before you even start playing a game. This is a great offer for beginner pokies players because you decrease the risk of financial loss right off the bat. It’s basically free money to gamble! To get this awesome deal, click here.

Euro Palace

Casino Spades reviews Euro Palace online pokies

Euro Palace is one of the highest rated online pokies sites, and after playing their games you’ll see why. They’ve got a huge selection of pokies, slots, live games and more, plus an amazing $500 deposit match plus 100 free spins on the pokies which requires absolutely no explanation. Between the newest games, best payout rates and huge bonuses there’s really no reason not to pick Euro Palace as your first choice for online pokies. Click here to experience it for yourself.

Platinum Play

Platinum Play online casino review by Casino Spades

Platinum Play is a long term player in huge bonuses and good online casino deals. Currently they’re offering a $1000 deposit match bonus and 50 free spins on the pokies. A nearly unbeatable deal as per usual, and perfect for just about anyone wanting to have some fun playing pokies online. They are home to some massive, mouthwatering jackpots which attract some of the best players in the industry. Try your luck at Platinum Play by clicking here.

The Verdict

Aussies love a good deal, and that’s what we’ve shown you here today. You’ve seen some of the best deposit match bonuses available and this should help you in finding the best online casino to play pokies, and ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. The most important part of finding an online casino for beginners and professional players alike is a good sign-up bonus, and huge jackpots.

If you haven’t found  what you’re looking for there’s loads more casino reviews and information available, so don’t give up.

Royal Vegas has 3 new games

Last month, Royal Vegas announce 3 completely new games being added to their Online Casino. The new games are now fully functional and ready to play! Below we’ve listed the three new games, along with Royal Vegas explanations for each game. Good luck and happy gaming!

Emperor of the Sea

Royal Vegas Emperor of the Sea Online Casino Review


Royal Vegas describes this new slot game as: “A strong eastern mythology, Emperor of the Sea takes it a step further with a payline selector that allows players to select to play with 38, 68 or 88 paylines – each of these numbers representing symbolically lucky aspects of eastern mythology and culture. The slots bonus features include an 8-Spin Free Spins feature that offers players the possibility of combining their Spins with Rolling Reels™ or Growing Wilds™.”

The Heat is On

The Heat is On Slot Machine Review

This slot machine is basically exactly what it sounds like, an here’s what Royal Vegas has to say:

“This slot follow the voluptuous cat burglar Selina as she attempts her most audacious job yet. On the other side of the law, Jean, the bodacious police officer is on the case and she’s not going to let Selina get away with it.

The Heat is On is a 45-payline slot that offers one of the largest triggerable Free Spins round of any Mircogaming slot ever. Depending on the number of Scatter symbols that appear on the reels to unlock the slot’s Free Spins feature, players have the possibility of unlocking up to 80 Free Spins.”

Pollen Party

Pollen Party casino games review australia

Pollen Party is an interesting new game with a couple of newer features which will absolutely interest Australia’s gaming community. Here’s the official word on the new game:

“A first for Microgaming, Pollen Party is the development giant’s first 720 Ways video slot. The slot goes further in its bid to push the envelope of slot functionality with a variable reel area, this allows players to not just select paylines, as with traditional slots but rather to select the very surface area the reels occupy.

As an example of innovative slot mechanics, Pollen Party excels, however, the slots bonus features certainly don’t let it down either. The slot features two unique Scatter symbols, each unlocking a separate bonus feature. The first unlocks a 12-spin round of Free Spins. The second Scatter symbol unlocks Babee Bonus, a second-screen, pick-your-prizes bonus game.”